Patient Testimonials

Truly one of the most comprehensive treatment you can find for yourself and/or loved ones. I recommend a consultation with Dr. Reidy to all. Your body, in its complexity, seeks balance to repair and sustain itself. Accupuncture is a proven medical practice which supports the body and mind. My 9 year old son is being treated for allergic reactions. Dr Reidy addressed his concerns with needles and my son was treated with ease. Consider your own health and that of those you love. Accupuncture is natural, effective and promotes true health of mind and body . Thank you, Dr Reidy for returning to your home town to practice the art of Healing.

Jennifer M. - Williamsport, PA

Yesterday, I wanted to give you a big HUG and say thank you.  I wouldn't be able to travel to Alaska if is wasn't for you and your treatments. I am very grateful that I found you. You are very special.

Karen D. - Williamsport, PA

Last year I had a serious arthritic condition,inflamation and weight problem.  Under Dr. Reidy's care and guidance, I have lost 60 pounds and have no current inflamation or arthritis symptoms. I feel like a new person!! 

N. Young - Williamsport, PA

I have suffered from hemi-facial spasms on the right side of my face for over 8 years. They started out with as a recurring eye-twitch and progressed to the point where the corner of my mouth would get pulled up towards my cheek and hold that position of upwards of 15 seconds. At its peak this would happen 200 times a day during my waking hours.

I had seen or mentioned the spasms to my family doctor, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist and two neurologists. The source had been diagnosed in varying ways; too much caffeine, stress, eye strain and a looped optical nerve. I had tried Botox twice, recommended by the last neurologist. The first Botox treatment froze the right side of my face, and the second caused the right side of my face start drooping. Even with this I could feel the spasms happening, but the Botox had weakened the facial muscle and wouldn’t allow the facial muscles to hold the contraction.  

I pointed out to the neurologist my face was drooping and surgical treatment in the form of a micro vascular decompression was recommended. This procedure involved drilling a 1” hole in the back of my skull and inserting a shim somewhere in my spinal area to keep the looped nerve from getting pinched. Needless to say, I thought this was too invasive and have been living with the spasms for another 3 years, giving up on Botox after the second treatment.

Over the years my wife kept recommending to me I should try seeing an acupuncturist and even set up my first appointment for me with Dr. Reidy. I was a little apprehensive, but had nothing to lose.

 Dr. Reidy looked at my medical history with a different methodology than all the previous doctors. He wanted to treat the cause of my problems not try and mask or hide it with drugs. Through his careful analysis, he was able to locate areas in my diet and medications that where causing my spasms.

During my first treatment I noticed I only had one very short-lived spasm. I normally would have had spasms 10 to 12 times in this same time period. After my second treatment with Jeremy, I was down to maybe 8 spasms a day. This was just in two weeks. By the third treatment I was down to one eye twitch a week, no spasms. I have had four treatments with him as of this testimonial and I have not had a spasm or eye-twitch in a two weeks. He accomplished in a little over a month what five traditional doctors could not address in eight years.

God bless Dr. Reidy and my wife for all their help and persistence.

Dan W. - Williamsport, PA

I want to thank Dr. Reidy for all he has done for me in such a short period of time. I came to him about one month ago in a state of chronic and severe pain.  The back of my legs, from the tip of my buttock to the area behind my knee cap burned, like they were on fire.  I have suffered for a little over a year with chronic pain.  I had difficulty sitting for any length of time, and standing caused pain in my lower back.  Sleeping was difficult due to not being able to get comfortable because of the pain I was in.    

I came to Dr. Reidy with many areas of my body in great pain.  I have several different condtions which I felt would be challenging for most doctors, but not for Dr. Reidy.  He has been addressing them all with each treatment.  I have found him to be most kind, sincere and interested in finding the root of the problem.  I have more progress in a little over a month than i have had with any other practitioner.  Most wanted to just give me pain medication.  I had no quality of life, and actually thought of suicide.  Horrible. When pain is all you have and you do not get restful sleep, your thoughts are not where they need to be.  I was almost competely housebound due to pain, and if I took pain medication I was afraid to drive my car.  I was not enjoying life.

I am now able to go places short in duration with less pain, and no pain medication at all!  I praise Dr. Reidy for his passion and desire to help those of us in so much pain.  He gave me a place to turn to.  He gave me hope back.  Thank you Dr. Jeremy!

Most Thankful, Helen L. Cook

My baby was born today at 5:49 p.m. after only 21 minutes of pushing. I was able to do it without any meds or interventions, just the oxygen during pushing. Thank you so much for all your help, I know the acupuncture made a world of difference. Could not have had a better birth experience! 

Seré A. - Montoursville, PA

I had to talk my inner 5 year old into drinking and retaining that nasty mix.  I resorted to holding my nose and chugging it through a straw to minimize the chance of it coating my teeth.  It was followed up with water, mouthwash and toothpaste.  About 45 minutes later I went to bed and fell asleep within minutes.  I did wake up for about an hour but remained in a drowsy, relaxed state as opposed to the wide awake for 2-5 hours that’s been my norm for the past 4 months.  I went back to sleep for several more hours.  I think tonight will be better knowing I was able to keep it down and that it truly works.  Thank you so much for always working to make my life better.  Jeremy, you’re the best!

A.H. - Williamsport, pa

Thank you for what you do. As I continue to experience life in a way that reaches back to the past, I continue to appreciate what you taught me. Processing current events in ways that are empowered is amazing.


I just want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr. Reidy for restoring me to good health. Since seeing the good doctor last fall, I've followed his advise and feel soooo much better that I have in years! I've turned 60 this summer and I've been participating in 5K walks and doing things I haven't been able to do in a long time. Pain that I've had for years and inflammation is all gone...and losing 25 lbs was just a bonus. No stomach issues or UTI issues anymore. I used to get up from my work chair and have to do stretches before I could walk to the printer because my legs hurt so bad. Now I just get up and trot up to the printer without the pain and stiffness that I endured for years. Once again, thank you so much!!!!

B. Shaner - Williamsport, PA